We are a new kennel founded on simple beliefs.

  • Deliver the best hunting companions possible
  • Breed dogs that will excel in the field and in testing
  • Breed dogs that conform to the breed standard*
  • Provide our customers with an excellent experience

We breed German Shorthaired pointers and working English Cocker Spaniels. Our dogs are part of our family and when you get a dog from us you are joining it as well. We will work with you whenever you need help to make sure that you are getting the most out of your hunting companion. All of our dogs live in the house with us and we wouldn't have it any other way. They excel in the field and in water. We truly want them to be as versatile as possible. We are actively involved in NAVHDA, AKC, and UKC hunt tests. Our dogs are dual registered (GSP's in AKC and NAVHDA, ECS's in AKC and UKC). We include a one year health guarantee with all new puppies. Give us a call and come meet our dogs.


*The working English Cocker Spaniel is far removed from its counterpart that was bred for the show ring. It is near impossible to have a English Cocker Spaniel that will excel in the field and in the show ring. The traits that are desirable for the ring do not bode well in the field.


Image: The owner of Shoot to Thrill Kennels, Jon Hensen with his male German Shorthaired Pointer Jackson on a wild quail hunt in Virginia.